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Why Visiting an Optometrist is important?

Why Visiting an Optometrist is important?

Of the five sense organs, eyes are the most important organ as it surpasses other sense organs in complexity and significance. Not only it is one of the most complex parts of the body but research also shows that a large part of the human brain is involved in processing visual information when compared to other sense organs. Around 80 -85 percent of all impressions that include body language, gestures, and facial expressions are identified through vision. That means our understanding, learning and our other cognitive processes namely thinking, remembering, knowing, judging, and problem-solving are enabled through sight. And if we are able to provide the right motor and cognitive response with respect to our vision then our vision is said to be absolutely fine.

Then what is vision therapy and why visiting an optometrist is said to be important?

Even if you have the perfect vision and even if you pass your vision screening test with flying colors, there are chances of vision problems, which only an optometrist would be able to diagnose and treat.

Optician vs. Optometrist

The developmental vision problems affect the normal functioning of the eyes namely eye movements, focusing, visual processing, and eye teaming. However, due to our ignorance, we tend to overlook the minute anomalies under the belief that it would get corrected as we grow. Sometimes, when kids complain of vision problems it normally results in a visit to an optician. The optician tests the eye to decide whether there is the need to put eyeglasses to correct eyesight. However, to detect certain eye problems, a more comprehensive eye examination is required which an optician might not be able to perform. Such ignorance does more harm than good as it would lead to a situation later on where surgery would be the only option left to get the vision problem corrected.

That’s where a regular visit to the optometrist can help. Our Oakville optometrist not only helps in preventing vision loss by diagnosing the exact eye problem but also enhances vision by providing vision therapy to Ontario, GTA, and other nearby residents.

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