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There are dramatic differences in eye care providers; no other provider cares more about your eyes. At the Vision Source Office of Dr. Gall we offer a comprehensive 12-Point Eye Health Evalution which takes about a full 60-90 minutes. The assessment includes the Optomap which is a digital image of the retina and the OCT which offers a magnified cross-section image of the eye. For a Complete Vision Analysis and best patient care book your next Digital Eye Exam with us. The Digital Eye Exam is $229.

We do not submit forms directly to the insurance company. We provide a detailed breakdown of the exam fees which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Yes, upon payment of the eye exam, you will be provided with a detailed breakdown for the cost of the eye exam.

Our office is committed to value! We understand that in today’s marketplace people like to comparison shop to find the best deal! Unfortunately, quality and craftsmanship often take a back seat to price. While a good deal is always appreciated, sometimes the lowest price does not equal the best value.
Our frames are priced less than retail and our lenses are “dollar to dollar” competitive. We offer high quality digital lenses for long-term success and a variety of frames ranging from value-frames at $100 to high-end designer frames starting at approximately $300. The price of lenses depends on the individual spectacle prescription and can range from $220 to $690.

“Anyone can get you contact lenses; we provide contact lenses that work.”

For initial success, we offer a 3-month guaranteed fit and every Contact Lenses dispensed includes a 5-Point Eye-Health Contact Lens Evaluation. Your investment in contact lenses provides year-round care with no charge visits throughout the year. Furthermore, we offer just-in-case-replacement of the lenses at a reduced or no cost and complimentary solution and sunglasses with your contact lens purchase.

We offer a very short turnaround period usually 3-5 business days. If we have your lenses/contacts in stock, you may even get your order the same day.

We offer a guaranteed fit for glasses. We make sure you are happy with the glasses. If there is a problem with the fitting, simply bring in the glasses and we will adjust them to suit your needs.

We offer a 4-Step process to ensure candidacy for laser vision correction and resources to help you make a comfortable informed decision. A good candidate includes having a stable optical correction for 18 months, 20 years of age (although age 18 is considered), good body and eye health. Our Laser Vision Care includes booking your meet and greet with the doctor, book your treatment day and follow-up care at our office.

Refractive Modification refers to contact lenses that are worn at night to help shape the front surface of the eye (cornea) to restore vision. These contact lenses reduce the need for vision correction throughout the day. This approach is a reversible option to laser vision correction and may slow the advancement in myopia (nearsightedness).

Robust levels of antioxidants slow the progression of macular degeneration by 25%. A landmark study by the Age-related Eye Disease Study Research Group showed that higher levels of antioxidants enhance your peak wellness. In a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial, high-dose supplementation with vitamins C, E, Beta-carotene, and zinc slowed the progression of age-related macular degeneration and vision loss. (Arch Ophthalmol 2001;119:1417-36)

Vison Source is a group of independent optometrists who are like-minded, high caliber eye doctors that work together and share success stories. Vision Source has great purchasing power and is the best avenue to preserve independent optometry. At the end of the day, Vision Source aligns great optometrists for best patient care.

We advocate best care and this means a complete Digital Eye Exam for every patient, every year.

Polarization reduces glare from the suns reflections. Glare from flat surfaces like road, snow or water is significantly reduced wit polarization. Polarization even works on over-cast days where there is no direct sunlight and glare is relentless.

All sunglasses sold in Canada offer UV protection.

You need to allow 60-90 minutes of care and testing for the Complete Digital Exam.

Monday 12pm-7pm
Tuesday and Thursday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 12pm-6pm
Friday 9am-12pm
The first Saturday of the month 8am-12pm.

No appointment is necessary. Once you receive a call from our office informing you that your glasses are ready, just come in during regular office hours.

It simply allows the Team at the office to contact you.