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Clear Comfortable Vision, a lifetime of Care

Our Team takes pride in delivering to you, a lifetime of exceptional eye care, and clear comfortable vision with glasses, contact lenses, laser vision care and polarized sunglasses.

Since 1995 in Oakville, we have been providing comprehensive eye care for our community. In October 2010 we opened the doors to our new 4000 sq ft location at 506 Kerr Street. As we continue to grow, our goal remains the same—Clear Comfortable Vision and a lifetime of care.

Dr. Gall has been a teaching-clinic since 1996 with Student-Optometrists in their final year of study. Under Dr. Gall’s direct supervision and his review with each patient, the student-OD enhances their skill while the patient is under the care of Dr. Gall.

We pride ourselves on offering extraordinary service by listening to our patients, understanding and delivering on their needs: Best Eye CareGlasses, Contact Lenses and Polarized Sunglasses.

During your visit to our office you will experience our comprehensive Eye Health Evaluation and a Vision Analysis for your new optical prescription (new Rx).

Our best care is the Complete Digital Exam of the Retina which takes 60 to 90 minutes of care and testing. This best care includes:

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) –cross-section imaging of the layers of the retina
Optomap – a digital & convenient exam of the surface of the retina (back of eye) Visual Field – the Frequency Doubling Test evaluates the peripheral or side vision
Glaucoma Screening – a gentle “tickle” probe that measures the fluid pressure inside the eye
BioScan – a 2 minute test that measures the antioxidant level of the body
Blood Pressure – a quick and accurate measure of your blood pressure


Binocular vision occurs when both eyes track as a team. Performance is enhanced when the two eyes, together, deliver the full complement of visual information. The brain receives this visual information and then analyzes, catalogues, stores and retrieves the visual concepts – essentially making sense from what is seen.

For some, the effortless process of making sense of what is seen is challenged and not robust; one or more visual sub-skills may be fragile and fail during stress, or a demanding visual task. For others, just a single visual skill may not have reached the appropriate skill-level causing performance challenges.

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