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Vision Therapy and School Accommodations

Vision Therapy and School Accommodations

The goal of school-accommodations in the management of vision-related learning problems is to reduce the interference, inconsistencies, discomfort, confusion, and frustration that they cause. However, school-accommodations cannot eliminate the effects of learning-related visual problems, yet they may make them more manageable until they are treated with vision therapy.

The vision problems of most children with learning problems have not been recognized. For example:

• Children with focusing and eye teaming problems have limited visual-stamina. As they fatigue, their performance will decline. It is also important to recognize that writing may be more fatiguing for some children’s vision than is reading.
• Getting too close may appear commendable because a child is trying hard, but it is very stressful.
• When students loses their place when reading, they often use a finger as a reading-guide. This usually addressed the immediate problem, but it also interferes with the integration of skills required for read proficiently. Yet more importantly like due to eye teaming and tracking dysfunction.

Importantly vision is related to learning – 80% of learning comes through our eyes as vision to the brain. If a child is struggling in school, or working twice as hard for their academic success, then likely vision is the problem; 75% of children with learning issues have two or more visual skills delivery far below normal performance levels.


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