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Why vision therapy – eye strain?

I am Dr. Ronald Gall, an optometrist in Oakville, Ontario where I offer excellence in vision therapy at the Oakville Centre for Vision. At the office, I care and listen to may patients needs, and I am excited when they reach their potential and achieve success.

My approach for excellence in vision therapy was borne out of my love and passion for vision therapy and desire for life long learning, for best patient care. After undergraduate university in science and my 4-year optometry doctorate, I have earned two Fellowships, a Diplomate status and a Master’s in vision therapy.

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Why vision therapy – eye strain?

How do your eyes feel when you doing a near task like reading, digital screen time, desk-work or school-work? Your eyes may hurt from the strain if you spend hours each day looking at a digital-screen or reading. However, most of us can do a near-task for 8 hours a day (with a few breaks) clearly and comfortably with no problems.

Yet, about 20% (1 in 5 of us) experience their vision as strained and uncomfortable and frequent breaks are needed to continue. The frequency of breaks for relief may be every hour or so, yet for those suffering worse symptoms may be every 30 minutes and even more frequently like every 10 minutes.  The length of breaks may be brief, like a few blinks of the eyes and looking off into the distance far away or closing the eyes to rest them; however, patients who have even worse eye strain need longer breaks than just a few minutes, more like 10 or even 30 minute breaks and some do not return until the next day.

Vision therapy may be valuable for those who have eye strain;

– it enhances vision and its learning connection for students working twice as hard for their academic success due to eye strain

– it vitalizes vision and performance for adults with eye strain

– it also, rehabilitates the eyes and its neural-control for a specific issues like visual symptoms or eye strain secondary to a concussion

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