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Vision Therapy and Amblyopia (lazy eye) – #2 Treatment

Vision Therapy and Amblyopia (lazy eye) – #2 Treatment

Amblyopia. Also called “lazy eye,” amblyopia is a vision development problem where one eye fails to attain normal visual acuity due to an eye turn (strabismus), imbalanced optical powers between the eyes or a combination of both.

Young and older children, and even adults, with long-stranding lazy eye can benefit from amblyopia treatment using computer programs and active vision therapy techniques. The approach stimulates neural changes leading to improvements in visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

Experts agree that early detection and treatment of lazy eye is preferred for normal visual development and the best visual outcomes from amblyopia treatment.

Amblyopia will not go away on its own, and untreated lazy eye can lead to other co-lateral visual performance issues with hand-eye coordination, sports and limit some employment opportunities.

Amblyopia is treatable with vision therapy.

To determine candidacy for vision therapy to help improve clear comfortable vision and amblyopia, a 2-hour Initial Assessment is completed. This testing is a critical appraisal of 12 visual skills related to visual performance, that goes far beyond the basic eye exam and 20/20 vision clarity; it assesses visual efficiency (eye focusing and teaming), reading eye movements and visual information processing (VIP) skills. If two or more of these visual skills are significantly below normal then they are likely creating visual-anchors and reduced performance. These deficient visual skills are remedial with diligent effort with vision therapy that is doctor directed.

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