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Children's Eye Doctor

A Children’s Eye Doctor is a Dr. of Optometry is a healthcare profession concerned with the eyes and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems, and vision information processing in humans. A Children’s Eye Doctor is trained to prescribe and fit lenses to improve vision, and in some countries are trained to diagnose and treat various eye diseases.

Children’s Eye Doctor are the primary health care professionals for children’s eyes. A Children’s Eye Doctor examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system, the eye, and associated structures as well as identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye. A Children’s Eye Doctor provide more than two-thirds of the primary eye care services in the United States. They are more widely distributed geographically than other eye care providers and are readily accessible for the delivery of eye and vision care services. Approximately 37,000 full-time equivalent Children’s Eye Doctor practice in more than 7,000 communities across the United States, serving as the sole primary eye care provider in more than 4,300 communities. The mission of a Children’s Eye Doctor is to fulfill the vision and eye care needs of children through clinical care, research, and education, all of which enhance the quality of life.