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Eye Doctor

Your Eye Doctor plays an essential and ongoing role in ensuring the health of your eyes for you and your family. An Eye Doctor diagnoses, treats and helps prevent diseases and disorders affecting the visual system. An Eye Doctor will also assist in identifying general health conditions that are often first detected through an eye exam. Eye doctors also provide referrals to specialists and can help manage post-eye-surgery health.

An Eye Doctor evaluates many factors that can affect your vision and eye health. An Eye Doctor reviews your case history, conducts an external and internal exam of your eyes and measures vision qualities, such as eye movements and coordination, sharpness of vision and peripheral vision. In addition, an Eye Doctor evaluates your ability to adjust focus and to see colour and depth normally. If we detect problems, we may recommend glasses, contact lenses, exercises, medication or surgery.

Many serious eye conditions do not have obvious symptoms. Some eye diseases only show symptoms when the condition is advanced. Comprehensive eye exams provide the full assurance of vision and eye health.

Your vision is priceless. Routine eye exams by an Eye Doctor of optometry not only ensure good vision and eye health, but peace of mind. Call for your appointment today.