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What is the Average Cost of Glasses

We understand that in today’s marketplace people like to comparison shop to find the best deal!  Unfortunately, quality and craftsmanship often take a back seat to price.  While a good deal is always appreciated, sometimes the lowest price does not equal the best value.

A pair of glasses crafted by an eye care professional should be looked at in the same fashion as buying a handcrafted piece of jewellery or fine art.  Personal dispensing of eyewear by trained professionals at the Oakville Centre for Vision takes into account your visual needs, the selection of the appropriate lens materials and coatings, choosing the right frame for your face and ensuring the most accurate prescription.

Recent studies by panels of eye care researchers and eye wear industry leaders show that nearly half of prescription eyeglasses sold online either do not meet prescription specifications or failed safety standards.

Dr. Gall has dedicated his professional career to providing the very best in eye care and visual performance and he believes in offering patients the best quality on the market.  Current frame styles, best materials and the most up-to-date lens designs will always be offered at the Oakville Centre for Vision.

Our goal is clear comfortable vision and a lifetime of care.