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Visual Therapy and Reading

Visual Therapy and Reading

Reading is a complex task. As we learn more about the processes of reading, research is revealing information to guide individuals.

High-level brain processing is important for the reading. There is an increasing appreciation for the role of visual skills. Normal readers move their eyes about four times a second to take in four words which translates to reading at 250 words per minute.

It is difficult to imagine the speed, precision, and coordination that enables this to happen. Reading eye movements and high-level brain processing must be coordinated and synchronized for the clear comfortable reading.

We learn to read through the integration of our innate abilities and reading experiences. These early reading skills are not ready for all children at the same time The two most common effects of reading skill deficits are frustration and avoidance. How do you distinguish those who are going to have persistent problems with reading? This is not easy to determine.

An Initial Assessment for vision therapy can help define reading skill ability. To determine candidacy for vision therapy to improve reading skills, a 2-hour Initial Assessment is completed. This testing is a critical appraisal of 12 visual skills of learning, that goes far beyond the basic eye exam and 20/20 vision clarity; it assesses visual efficiency (eye focusing and teaming), reading eye movements and visual information processing (VIP) skills. If two or more of these visual skills are significantly below normal then they are likely creating visual-anchors and reduced learning and reading skill performance. These deficient visual skills are remedial with diligent effort with vision therapy that is doctor directed.

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