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Why vision therapy – to boost seeing one world with two eyes?


I am Dr. Ronald Gall, an optometrist in Oakville, Ontario where I offer excellence in vision therapy at the Oakville Centre for Vision. At the office, I care and listen to may patients needs, and I am excited when they reach their potential and achieve success.

My approach for excellence in vision therapy was borne out of my love and passion for vision therapy and desire for life long learning, for best patient care. After an undergraduate in science and my 4-year optometry doctorate, I have been on a journey of learning to earn multiple designations in vision therapy.

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Why vision therapy – to boost seeing one world with two eyes?

If this question seems odd, or does not resonate with you, then likely you see one world clearly and comfortably with your two eyes.  The concept is like, not thinking about how you take one breathe using two lungs.

So in theory, vision therapy may not exist if humans were a cyclops– easy one eye coordination, just look up, down left and right as needed and focus at near like the camera on a smart phone.

However, we have two eyes and if the neural-control is not robust of the complex synchronicities of directing the two eyes to see one world then performance in life is reduced whether at work, school or sports – it may even create eye strain, loss of place when reading – or worse.

Vision therapy may be valuable for people who have poor two-eye control causing reduced performance in life:

Vision therapy can:

– enhance vision and its learning connection for students working twice as hard for their academic success

– vitalize vision and performance for adults who reduced performance in life

– it can also, rehabilitate the eyes and its neural-control for specific visual-issues, related to a concussion

I invite you to connect with me via email with any questions or comments at: DrGall@oakvillecentreforvision.com

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I look forward to your emails regarding seeing one world clearly and comfortably with two eyes and perhaps meeting you in person at my office.

Have a great day!

Dr. Gall


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