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Why Neurolens?


I am Dr. Ronald Gall, an optometrist in Oakville, Ontario where I offer excellence in vision therapy at the Oakville Centre for Vision. At the office, I care and listen to may patients needs, and I am excited when they reach their potential and achieve success.

My approach for excellence in vision therapy was borne out of my love and passion for it and desire for life long learning, for best patient care. After undergraduate university in science and my 4-year optometry doctorate, I have earned two Fellowships, a Diplomate status and a Master’s in vision therapy.


My sequential management considerations for clear comfortable vison include:

– best optical correction determined together during the eye exam (e.g., glasses or contact lenses)

– special optics like prisms, reading powers and now especially Neurolens

– occlusion (to promoting the weaker eye)

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Check out my You Tube Channel and this video about Why Neurolens!


Why Neurolens?  . . . for best clear comfortable vision compared to currently available lenses?


Misalignment in your vision may cause headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain and typically worse with reading or digital- screen time.

Neurolens is a “game-changer” that enhances clear comfortable vision reduced by eye misalignment.  Your eyes work harder to align the closer you look–  like when texting on your smart phone in hand, then your eyes release yjeir alignment to look at the tree far away.

Neurolens reduces the mis-match for easier clear, comfortable vision – Neurolens works harder the closer you look– so you do not have to!

My Sequential management considerations, with the application of Neurolens, offers the best chance for clear comfortable vision:

– for students, it enhances vision and its learning connection for those working twice as hard for their academic

– for adults, it vitalizes vision and performance in life; work, sports or study

– it also, rehabilitates the eyes and its neural-control for eye mis-match secondary to a concussion


I invite you to connect with me via email with any questions or comments at: DrGall@oakvillecentreforvision.com

Feel free to visit my website and connect with my Team, as needed. We are always here to help



I look forward to any of your emails and perhaps meeting you in person at my office to discuss Neurolens and enjoyable clear comfortable vision.

Have a great day!

Dr. Gall


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