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Why a Complete Eye Exam?

I am Dr. Ronald Gall, an optometrist in Oakville, Ontario where I offer excellence in eye care at the Oakville Centre for Vision. At the office, I care and listen to my patients needs, and I am excited when they reach their potential and achieve success.

My approach for excellence in eye care was borne out of my love and passion for it and desire for life long learning, for best patient care. After undergraduate university in science and my 4-year optometry doctorate, I have earned three Fellowships, a Diplomate status and a Master’s in vision therapy.

Why a Complete Digital Eye exam?  

It is important for patients to understand their eye health and to enjoy their best clear comfortable vision.

At my office, I offer a Complete Digital Eye Exam which is a critical appraisal of your eye health, optical prescription and neuro-optic benefits. This 1-hour care goes far beyond the basic eye exam and 20/20 vision clarity. Ten extra clinical tests are completed which include:

For your optical prescription for glasses, contact lenses or laser vision correction:

  1. Neurolens testing – for two-eye coordination
  2. Visual Symptoms Questionnaire – Lifestyle Index & Visual Quality Scale
  3. Vertical-Phoria testing
  4. Stereoacuity testing

For your eye health evaluation:

  1. BioScan for antioxidants
  2. Optomap – picture of surface-back of the eye (retina)
  3. OCT for layers of retina (back of the eye)
  4. Corneal thickness – thickness of window of your eye
  5. Visual Fields testing
  6. Dry Eye Assessment

All the test results are explained, appropriate referrals made, and the best neuro-optics applied (glasses, contact lenses or laser vision correction) for reassurance of your eye health and best enjoyable clear comfortable vision.

I invite you to connect with me via email with any questions or comments at: DrGall@oakvillecentreforvision.com

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I look forward to any of your emails and perhaps meeting you in person at my office to discuss vision, learning and enjoyable clear comfortable vision.

Have a great day!

Dr. Gall


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